Retevis RT95 / CRT Micron Mic Mod

This article is written in English to reach a wider audience.

If you are using the Retevis RT95 Ham Radio aka the CRT Micron you might have noticed the weak, quite modulation. The fellow ham DH8HAM made me aware of this and I took a closer look at the radio and the microphone especially. Unfortunately there is no mic amplifier option in the software, so I went the hardware route and took the mic apart.

In the pictures below you can see the modification I made to the hand mic: I widened the small hole in the mic's body with a 2mm drill bit. As you can see, the original hole is quite small and is not even directly centered with the electret microphone capsule on the PCB. Also, the electret microphone itself has a wide border covering the hole. After modifying the body of the microphone modulation is better and I don't have to YELL AT THE RADIO ANYMORE! ;)