ESP8266/WS2812 LED Star

End of November 2016. Christmas is approaching. What is more obvious than building christmas themed stuff? It should flash. LEDs? No problem! But every time get up to change color and flashing mode? WIFI! After I have already built some "Channel Letters" in different sizes, there is now luminous decoration in star shape.

The star consists of roughly sawed boards, which are joined with two small pieces of plywood and painted with chalk paint. The chalk paint was roughly sanded, so that the wood glimmers through. The outline is bent from 0.3mm aluminum sheet, riveted and attached to the wooden star body with small nails. A 20mm hole holds the lamp cap. On the back the circuit and the socket are let in, so that they do not protrude.

The circuit consists of an ESP8266 WIFI module, a WS2812 ring with 7 LEDs and a 5V power supply. The ESP8266 is running my effect library WS2812FX and a simple web interface, which allows you to control the effects, color, speed and brightness of the LEDs.

In addition to the small star, two larger stars have already been created for my own, as well as several small stars as presents and for my siblings. For the larger stars, I added micro fairy lights ("copper wire fairy lights") to the "interior".