Mobilephone Chargingstation

To be master of the whole cable mess on my mobile phone charging station in the Expedit, I have built a simple back wall, behind which the power strip will disappear with the power supplies. Without some "Geekness" this was not possible and so I've decided to put a digital picture frame in the rear wall, indicating the typical "battery-charging icon" of course.

The back wall is made of white-coated chipboard from the as-is-section of the local hardware store, in which I have cut a section for the frame. At the top and bottom of the plate, I have glued two simple wooden slats to give more stability to the back wall.

The digital picture frame has been freed from unnecessary body parts and pressed into the opening. Unsightly metal parts from the LCD I've masked with white tape and acrylic. In the cable from the power supply I have installed a toggle switch that is accessible from the tray next to the loading station from behind. This is how the picture frames can be switched on or off individually. The power strip, where all the power supplies are plugged into, is connected via an intermediate switch to the outlet so that it will not unnecessarily consume energy in standby mode.

The cost for this installation came to about 50€. The digital picture frame was lying around in the basement and was not specially bought. Summary of costs in IKEA-style:

The picture frame displays several battery images in a slide show, so that the typical "loading animation" of the battery is simulated.